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Pit Stop Challenge

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pit stop challenge
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Pit Stop Challenge - Indoor Events

Can you keep a cool head under the pressure of the world's most stressful job? With the fate of your team relying on your ability to select the right tyres and safely perform a race-ready change in seconds, you'll have to work perfectly as a team to secure the points!

What's Involved?

Pit Stop Challenge throws your teams in at the deep end of a hectic mechanic's area. Using a replica wooden racing car, team members are tasked with removing the existing wheels from the vehicle, fitting new ones and ensuring it is ready to rejoin the battle.

Racing against the clock and the other pit crews, every member of the team must know their role and perform it with split second timing. This is the ultimate time sensitive team building event, guaranteed to get delegates hot under the collar!

Operate the wheel wrench and make sure you don't fumble the nuts. Keep everyone primed for a fast changeover, as you bounce the worn-out wheels out of the way and slam the new ones into place. The quicker you make the change, the more chance you have of winning. But beware! Too much haste, and you could send the new tyres rolling across the pits...

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