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Pop Music Promo

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pop music promo
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Pop Music Promo - Indoor Events

A memorable music video can turn a simple song into a smash hit. Find out if your colleagues have what it takes to top the video charts with Pop Music Promo - an engaging event that takes talent, time management and team work! Each team will be tasked with recreating and filming an iconic pop video to a tight deadline using props, equipment and costumes supplied by us.

We've hand-picked a selection of the world's most memorable music videos, including Uptown Girl, Thriller and Stand and Deliver!

Do the teams have the performance and production skills needed to wow our panel of judges and win a gold disc? Find out who likes to take centre stage and who prefers to provide backup support.

Pop Music Promo illustrates the value of recognising individual skills, instils team work principles and highlights the importance of seeing a task through from inception to completion. Teams will walk away with an end product that illustrates the fruits of their labours.

Team Building Benefits:

  • Team Building Days
  • Corporate Events
  • Conferences

What's Involved?

After an initial briefing from our events coordinators, the whole group will be split into teams. They will be supplied with a copy of the original music video, AV equipment, props and costumes. The creative input and decision making process is the real challenge!

There's more to Pop Music Promo than playing instruments. Teams will need to think about every aspect of music video production, including choreography and recording. Roles will need to be assigned, including: lead singer, props manager, choreographer, cameraman and musical director.

No one needs to have the voice of an angel to take part. Teams will be lip syncing so there's no need to worry about hitting high notes whilst performing a dance routine!

Will they make good use of each member's specific talents? Leadership, delegation and communication skills are all essential to produce a music video that will conquer the charts!

This team building event culminates with a grand screening, which will be scored by our panel of judges. Teams will be presented with their own gold disc to mark their outstanding achievements.

Music-based team building activities are brilliant for bonding groups and taking individuals out of their comfort zones. Resourcefulness, time management, coordination and cooperation skills will all be developed by Pop Music Promo. It's a great way to instil team work principles and also illustrates the importance of individual member roles whilst encouraging creativity.

Ask us about screening the pop promos as part of the evening entertainment.

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