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These courses are a great help in the current climate and are all available online now. 

Geographically dispersed team members are increasingly common in the modern-day workplace. With some members of the team on flexible working, remote working and others being dotted around the country for business needs, teams need to consider how they will still effectively communicate and work collaboratively. 

Team Building Benefits:

  • Create strategies for varied challenges for teams 
  • Promote positive thinking 
  • Develop leadership skills 
  • Develop tools and techniques to help others build their resilience
  • Communication, relationship building, coaching and  delegating
  • Build trust
  • Develop strategies for change 

Event Summary

Creative / Practical

What's Involved?

Off Limits can provide your company with a few different courses which look to aid management of remote teams & resilience and personal wellbeing. Clients needs and wants are growing rapidly in this day and age where they expect something to be done there and then. Team members have to juggle all of these demands whilst putting on a positive face. These courses are designed to help build up the resilience of staff and managers. Employees have to deal with a lot day to day and their wellbeing is extremely important.

Managing remote teams has it challenges, and managers will ask the questions of; how do we monitor the workload and what is being done? How do you overcome the challenges of supervising remote employees and managing the team? What steps need to be in place to build trust? And a big question is how do you make remote workers feel part of the team? All of the above are important questions to be considered by anyone who manages remote workers and teams. Managers will need to put in the extra effort to cultivate a positive team dynamic and ensure remote workers feel connected to other colleagues and to the business. A proactive approach is essential. Off Limits can provide a managing remote teams course that has been designed for managers wishing to enhance and develop the team’s dynamics. Managers will be given the chance to develop skills and techniques needed to motivate teams who are based in various locations. 

Companies experience a variety of different changes month to month, quarter to quarter and teams need to be ready to embrace change and adapt positively. Change will trigger mixed reactions and there many unknowns and variables. Managers need to be supportive and understand to the best they can the organisation changes to be able to cope with it. A change management course has been created to equip managers and leaders with all the necessary skills to lead their people successfully through change.  

Courses available as detailed above:

Resilience and Personal Wellbeing – 90 mins

Manage Remote Teams – 90 mins

Change Management Training – 90 mins

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