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Rhythm Factory - Indoor Events

Join us on a fun and fascinating journey into sound! Illustrate the importance of team work in a fun and interactive way with Rhythm Factory, a celebration of world music that will get everyone participating. Your entire group will drum and clap to Brazilian, African, Egyptian, Asian and European beats as one big samba band.

Everyone has a vital role to play and will react to a fresh environment and a new challenge without realising it.

Rhythm Factory can be tweaked to feature a competitive element if preferred. Following the big group performance at the end, individual teams can go head-to-head to showcase their newfound skills in a battle of the beats!

Team Building Benefits:

  • Team Building Days
  • Corporate Events
  • Conferences

What's Involved?

Our events facilitators will be on hand to welcome your group and lead this team building event. It's a lively and fast-paced activity with a few twists to keep your colleagues on their toes. During the introduction, our drumming team will burst through the door led by the inimitable drum master!

The group will be divided into teams and taught their section of the performance piece using a whole host of instruments, including:

  • The pumping surdos of Brazil
  • Klong yaws from Thailand
  • Ancient Egyptian doumbeks
  • European frame drums
  • Ashikos from the African jungles

Each rhythm section works in harmony with the rest and is crucial to the success of the explosive finale.

There's also the opportunity for individuals to shine during the finale. The drum master will encourage delegates to get up and have a go on the mighty ngoma drum with the full support of everyone in the room.

Drumming team building activities are brilliant for bonding groups quickly and managing resistance to change. Coordination and cooperation skills will all be developed by Rhythm Factory. It's a great way to instil team work principles in a creative environment and develops an appreciation of individual member roles as part of the bigger picture.

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