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Rhythm Factory - Indoor Events

Join us on a fun and fascinating journey into rhythm! Drumming has been used for thousands of years to bring people together and feel united.

Illustrate the importance of team work and communication with our interactive drumming session.

In our Rhythm Factory everyone participates in learning rhythms from cultures and traditions found all around the world, to create a truly global performance.

In just seconds, our expert facilitators will have your group of any size, reacting and thinking as one. Every participant has a vital role to play, embracing this fresh new environment and overcoming their new challenges.

Just like an orchestra or organisation, we will have different sections of your group delivering different musical roles that all rely and impact on each other. All this is done in a hilarious style to create the perfect balance of entertainment and learning. They won’t believe how amazing they sound and feel!

Team Building Benefits:

  • Team Building Days
  • Corporate Events
  • Conferences

What's Involved?

Our specialist drum team will arrive with instruments for all and are expert at setting up in little, or no time at all.

The session lasts from between 45 min up to 2 hours. When your group return from coffee or lunch, they enter into a totally transformed room with drums on every seat and our team playing as a surprise welcome. From minute one, the Rhythm Factory is lively to say the least and has constant twists to keep your colleagues on their toes. We bring instruments like

African Djembes

Hand Drums from Bali

European style Frame Drums

Tubanos from Brazil

After learning the basics of playing, we quickly create a multi layered drum orchestra. Next, our drumming team subtly teaches your group to support and inspire the people around them as they learn to improvise together. This is very powerful as it is only here that they all create an in the moment performance, that is totally unique to them.

Individuals will also have the opportunity to get up and lead/ conduct the group to thunderous applause!

Throughout all these stages your facilitator is constantly drawing upon metaphors and analogies with what we are doing and how it effects the team/company.

Drumming as one high performing group can highlight so many company values like




Building relationships

Team Purpose

As a rousing finale, we bring all our learning and experience together to say goodbye with one roof arising performance!

Rhythm Factory is a unique window into working together on a totally new level.

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