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Robotic Warfare

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robotic warfare
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Robotic Warfare - Indoor Events

Robotic Warfare Team Building let battle commence! Activate team work principles with our ingenious take on the cult TV classic Robot Wars. Teams will bond and get competitive as they construct mean machines to unleash in our combat arena.

It's a nail-biting, electrifying team building activity that's both entertaining and challenging.

Can teams work together to construct and control our cutting-edge cyber raptor robots? There's only one way to find out.

Ready, set... activate!

Team Building Benefits:

  • Team Building Days
  • Corporate Events
  • Conferences

What's Involved?

Our events coordinators will be on hand to lead the event but the outcome is determined by the behaviour of the teams! Will they communicate effectively, overcome obstacles and choose the person with the skills best suited to operating their battle bot?

Robotic Warfare is a team building challenge that's about more than just performance in the battle arena.

Choose one of the three team building tasks outlined below. Each is designed to develop different team work skills.


Our coordinators will split the group into four teams of five people. Each team will be shown how to deconstruct and reconstruct the drive section of a cyber raptor. They will be provided with tools for the job and will work against the clock to reassemble their robots under the guidance of an expert.

The less time they take, the more points they earn. When the robots are reconstructed it's time to hit the arena and let battle commence!

Construction is a great way to enhance communication, time management and problem solving skills.

Drive & Control

Our experts will show teams how to get the robots to perform precision-based tasks within the arena. Team members will need to manoeuvre their robot, operate its mechanical arm and complete a time-sensitive challenge. Participants can work in pairs for this task.

Drive & Control is an excellent way to develop listening skills and will reveal who works well under pressure.


Four robots will compete in the ultimate battle! All teams begin the tournament with the same score and points are deducted for bumper goal hits. The winning team is the last one left standing.

Knockout will get the competitive spirit pumping, develop strategic skills and get teams to react to an unexpected scenario in an unusual scenario. It's great for managing resistance to change.

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