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Sell It TV - Indoor Events

Find out who could sell snow to the Eskimos with Sell It TV; a fast-paced team building activity that develops creativity, communication and sales skills. Teams will be tasked with producing a 3-minute seamless section of Sell It TV. They'll need to get it right first time - the sales pitch will be screened live on a big screen in front of the whole group! No pressure, then!

It takes more than confidence and good presentation skills to entice an audience to buy a toilet brush or a diamante ring.

Team work, product knowledge and time management are all vital to ensure a successful sales pitch.

Fun, challenging and illuminating, this event illustrates the importance of team work and time management in a creative environment.

You'll never look at QVC in the same way again!

Team Building Benefits:

  • Enhance communication skills
  • Teach collaboration techniques
  • Hone presentation skills and improve product knowledge
  • Illustrate the importance of good time management
  • Cultivate creative thinking
  • Develop delegation skills

What's Involved?

You will be welcomed by our events coordinators, who will outline the format of the day and brief teams.

Each team will be supplied with a selection of everyday (but slightly obscure!) items that must be included in their pitch. There's a tight deadline, so quick thinking and good delegation and decision-making skills are essential.

We are happy to tailor this team building event by incorporating your company's products in the brief.

There's a twist to this team building challenge! Each item must be pitched by a different presenter.

Teams are given time to rehearse before the culmination of the event - the live pitches! These can be judged by our panel of events coordinators or you can choose your own audience.

Good for...

Team buildings days, conferences, corporate events. Ask us about making the live pitches part of the evening entertainment for your conference. The audience can judge and choose the winning team.

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