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Shaken and Stirred

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shaken and stirred
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Shaken and Stirred - Indoor Events

Step aside Tom Cruise! Teams will be given the chance to get behind the bar and mix up a storm with Shaken and Stirred, an exciting interactive event that illustrates the importance of team work in a fun environment. Working in teams, delegates will be tasked with creating cocktails at our well-stocked bar.

The most talented cocktail makers from each group will go head-to-head in our cocktail challenge. There are prizes up for grabs, which adds an extra competitive element.

It takes team work and excellent communication skills to ensure that cocktails don't taste like cough syrup!

Shaken and Stirred works well as a team building exercise and a reward for a job well done.

Team Building Benefits:

  • Illustrate the importance of team communication
  • Teach collaboration techniques
  • Illustrate the value of individual strengths in a team environment
  • Boost morale in the workplace

What's Involved?

There are a number of team building exercises to choose from, all of which are outlined below. Mixologists will be on hand to show teams how to use bar tools, blend ingredients and perform a few impressive tricks!

The Drinks

  • International Cocktails - Teams will be taught how to mix and shake classic and contemporary cocktails including mules, daiquiris, slings and brambles
  • Smoothie Session - A great alternative for those who prefer an alcohol-free experience. Teams will be shown how to create delicious fresh fruit smoothies garnished with exotic fruits

The Knowledge

  • Spirit Tasting and Layering - A taste and experimentation session that will teach teams a thing or two about exotic and rare spirits and liqueurs! After a demonstration, they will be asked to put what they've learned into practice and create their own multi-layered cocktails and shooters

The Fun

  • Flair - Master the art of moving and shaking behind the bar! Each team will be taught a hero cool routine to perform behind the bar. Will they display good team work and move as one cohesive unit?
  • Bar Magic & Tricks - Add another string to your cocktail making bow with additional bar magic tricks. Teams will be taught how to mystify their colleagues with ingenious tricks that are simple to learn but will keep audiences guessing!
  • *This team building event can be substituted for Flair or Spirit Tasting

Cocktail Challenge

Shaken and Stirred culminates with our nail-biting competition where team representatives showcase their newfound skills.

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