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Street Beats - Indoor Events

Get your creative juices pumping and become lyrical masterminds in this musical adventure which will take you on a journey into the world of beat boxing.

You'll start with an introduction to the crew, a demo followed by some insight into the history of beat boxing from renowned industry professionals. You'll learn how to warm up your vocal chords using basic sound techniques and patterns.

What's Involved?

Your tutoring doesn't stop there as we include some interactive beat box games and cover Sound FX. You'll also study how to apply beat boxing with physical theatre and the best microphone approaches when performing.

After the final practice is done and new skills are developed the guests will be tasked to put on a showstopper performance that's one of a kind. Using nothing but their voices and techniques discovered. The aim is to boost confidence, embrace new ideas and share an experience with colleagues. This activity will certainly inject vitality and energy into your team building event.

Which team can hold their own in the arena of sound?

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