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Sushi Making

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sushi making
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Sushi Making - Indoor Events

Do you have the skill, patience, judgement, creativity and dedication to become a sushi master? Brilliant, fun, and really rewarding - sushi making is a refreshing change from the usual team building activities. Sharpen those knives, get your chef's head on, and create mini masterpieces to tantalise the palate.

Team Building Benefits:

  • Communication
  • Creative Thinking
  • Resistance to Change
  • Learning new skills
  • Motivates teams Boosts Confidence
  • Time Management

What's Involved?

It doesn't matter if you can barely boil an egg - an experienced, entertaining chef and his band of savvy kitchen assistants will show you the secrets behind making sumptuous sushi.

Nothing brings people together like a tempting spread of good food! There's more to this hands-on team building activity than raw fish. Sushi making will see the whole group join forces to create a selection of delicate rolls to demolish at the end of the session.

This culinary team building challenge is unbeatable for illustrating the benefits of seeing a job through from inception to completion. Enjoy the fruits of your labours and come away with broadened horizons and a real appreciation of ancient Japanese culinary tradition.

Delegates will have fun, eat delicious food and develop multiple skills in a fresh environment without realising it.

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