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Sustainable Soapbox Speedway

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sustainable soapbox speedway
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Sustainable Soapbox Speedway - Indoor Events

Sustainable Soapbox Speedway. Using only basic materials and tools, teams build their own roadsters from scratch and use pedal power to win the race.  

This event will evoke sustainable thinking within the business and employees and demonstrate the importance sustainability has to the business.   

Which team will create the winning soapbox and claim the top spot on the winners' podium?  

Sustainable Soapbox Speedway is a fun and competitive team building event designed to get teams working together to achieve a common goal. Multiple team member talents are required, including design flair, innovation, creativity, and pedal power!  

Team Building Benefits:

Improves communication  

Develops problem solving abilities  

Teaches the art of resourcefulness  

Hones leadership and delegation skills  

Encourages creative thinking  

Illustrates the importance of individual team member roles  

Evokes Sustainable thinking 

Event Summary

Creative / Practical

What's Involved?

Following an initial briefing, guests will be split into teams and supplied with soapbox construction kits. Vehicles must be made using only the materials and tools inside the kits, although elbow grease is allowed.  

Each vehicle must pass an MOT to compete in the races.  

After the MOTs it's time for the main event - the Sustainable Soapbox Speedway team trials! Teams will go head to head using only pedal power and their soapbox to create power. The race is on who will pedal to victory and light all the lights first, this race shows what it takes to power a light and how it can be done sustainably.   

So, if you are looking to get your team thinking green and need an event that will inspire, while improving teamwork then this event has all you need.    

Ready, Set, Let's Create Sustainable! 

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