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Sweet Success

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sweet success
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Sweet Success - Indoor Events

Looking for a team building activity that will go down well with everyone? Sweet Success is a challenge and a reward rolled into one event. Teams will be asked to create a box of unique chocolates using limited resources and a strict budget. The deadline is tight, so team work, speed, and creative thinking are essential!

Sweet Success is one of our best-loved team building events and teaches a whole host of skills that can easily be transferred to the workplace.

Teams are taken out of their usual environment and given a multi-faceted task that's fun but challenging - and as an added bonus, they even get to eat the chocolates!

They also get to eat chocolate at the end!

Team Building Benefits:

Sweet Success is a comprehensive team building event that focuses on developing creative and strategic thinking skills, in a competitive yet fun environment. It's a great way to encourage the sharing of innovative ideas, and will help to break down any existing barriers within a group. Teams will learn about the importance of keeping control of a budget whilst also having fun eating chocolate!

What's Involved?

Sweet Success starts with a welcome from our events coordinators. They will be on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly and get everyone in the right frame of mind.

The whole group is split into teams and the fun begins!

Using a brief and only the materials supplied by us, each team will design and produce a selection of chocolates.

There's more to Sweet Success than simply whipping up chocolately treats! Teams will also need to take into consideration design, brand, a marketing strategy, a target market, and plan out pricing, promotion, profit. Teams will also get to dip into the advertising world to promote their own chocolate box!

An advert will also be required to promote the chocolates.

Our panel of chocoholics will judge the ideas of each team. The final scores will be based on quality, originality, profitability, teamwork, variety and the effectiveness of the marketing plan.

The session ends with a fun presentation section and tasting of the goods!

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