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Team up and dance

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team up and dance
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Team up and dance - Indoor Events

Learn epic dance steps from all over the world. Create a showstopping routine, and wow the audience with your high-energy performance. With 90 minutes to get your act together, you'll need to work fast!

From discovering new moves to busting them out on stage, our boogie-themed team building day is guaranteed to get your delegates dancing to the same beat. Can they master the steps of a Bollywood routine, bring the authentic Ceilidh feel to your conference, or perform a perfect Charleston?

Teams will also be challenged to create a poster to advertise their performance. Can you come up with something that perfectly captures the energy and flair of the dance?

What's Involved?

With multiple dance styles to pick from, you're guaranteed to find a routine that works. Your event can incorporate any three of the dances listed below.

Feel the beat, and be moved by the power of music!

Bollywood - Bring the vibrant colour & unstoppable energy of the

East to your event! Your team will learn all the basic dance moves before putting them together to recreate a real Bollywood routine.

Street - Bring the outside in! Bring your event to life by turning your delegates into street dancers. This is a high impact dance style full of noise, movement and colour.

Ceilidh - Take your partner by the hand! With Ceilidh you're walked through the steps so there's nothing to be worried about. Guests dance under the watchful eye of a professional caller who'll be with you every step of the way.

Salsa - Feeling hot hot hot! This lively, sensual dance incorporates basic steps that make it easy for beginners to pick up. Our professional couples will put your team through their paces.

Morris Dancing - Strap on a bell pad, and shake your rhythm stick! Guests will learn the ancient art of Morris Dancing, complete with traditional props swords and handkerchiefs.

Charleston - Transport your team back to the Jazz Age with the Charleston! This hot, energetic dance is a real floor-filler with plenty of room for improvisation. Follow the instructions given by our flapper girl.

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