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The Global X Factor

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the global x factor
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The Global X Factor - Indoor Events

Break down barriers and banish preconceived notions with big beats! The Global X Factor is a team building event that uses percussion, street dance, costume and tribal rhythms from around the world to instil team work principles.

Working in groups, your colleagues will learn African drumming, the Haka dance of the Maori warriors and a New York street dance! The event finishes with an explosive finale where everyone joins forces and showcases their new skills with one huge performance piece.

Individuals gain confidence, explore and embrace new ideas and have fun with colleagues in a fresh environment.

Team Building Benefits:

The Global X Factor is a great way to:

  • Teach collaboration techniques
  • Develop creative thinking
  • Develop teamwork synergy
  • Illustrate the positive effects of effective workplace communication
  • Demonstrate the value of team goal setting
  • Manage resistance to change
  • Illustrate the value of the role of the individual in a team environment
  • Take teams out of their comfort zones

What's Involved?

Our events coordinators will welcome the group, break the ice and brief them on the format of The Global X Factor. The group will be split into teams, given tribal t-shirts and rotate through three different team building activity zones.

Zone 1: African Drumming

This is a great way to illustrate the value of each team member's contribution to the outcome of a task. Our energetic drum masters will lead the activity and get teams to play, listen and react as one cohesive unit with the aim of achieving a common goal. Each team will be taught one section of a performance piece for the grand finale.

Zone 2: Haka

Anyone who has ever watched the New Zealand All Black's rugby team in action will be familiar with the ancient tribal dance of the Maori warriors! It's a show of strength and unity that's fun to learn and perform. We'll supply the tribal face paint, it's up to the participants to use their team work skills to master the dance and put on a show stopping performance!

Zone 3: American Junk Funk

A union of street dance and urban percussion, this dance form is fresh from the streets of New York. Our junk funk guru will get teams to throw away their inhibitions and use dance and movement in creative ways. Expect plenty of foot tapping, broom bashing and bin thrashing! Expect plenty of foot tapping, broom bashing and bin trashing! It's all about using the items in your immediate environment to complete a task - a great test of resourcefulness.

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