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Thriller Workshop

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thriller workshop
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Thriller Workshop - Indoor Events

It's close to midnight... and something evil's lurking in the office!

Smash barriers, bond, and boost motivation levels with a team building activity based on everyone's favourite scary song! The Thriller dance workshop is a fun, energetic session fronted by a choreographer who's worked on the Thriller tour. Learn Jacko's iconic zombie moves from a master and bring it all together in one epic final group performance.

What's Involved?

Brilliant for developing communication and encouraging team work, the Thriller dance workshop is about working harmoniously. Learning the moves as an individual is simple but can you perform in time as a group? MJ's zombies might have looked a bit rough around the edges but they didn't miss a beat!

Who said team building couldn't be fun? Swap suits and ties for trainers and scary fancy dress. Everyone will get a ghoulish makeover and the whole team will be transformed into an undead army. We're talking crazy hair, spooky makeup and fake blood.

Now you're all in character it's time to perfect your zombie moves for the grand finale and strike terror into the hearts of our judges!

You've seen Thriller, now recreate it with your colleagues. Step back in time to good old 1983 for a retro team building challenge that'll get everyone wiggling, shuffling and going crazy, zombie style!

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