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Traitors - Indoor Events

This team building event will fill every team member with exhilaration, completing the exciting challenges while trying to find the traitor within your team. 

Event Summary

Creative / Practical

What's Involved?

Your teams of faithful, dedicated players will embark on a series of mentally challenging puzzles, tasks, codes and clues.  Play games of skill and strategy that require a tactical outlook, a steady hand and a cool, calm mind, whilst you compete not only against an opposing team… not only against the clock… but also whilst knowing the inevitable truth, that there is a Traitor in your midst!

This immersive, thrilling event based upon the smash hit series will have your team second guessing everyone’s actions in a game of deceit, deception and trust.  Which team will be victorious to amass their pile of gold and who will inexplicably fail as their Traitor works in the shadows to scupper their chances.

The event culminates at the round table as players will need to justify their performances throughout the day and escape banishment at the hands of their teammates.  The team who not only amass the most gold but also successfully identify the Traitor in their midst will take the team prize… However, the Traitor who remains undiscovered and is instrumental in its teams failure to gain the gold will win an individual prize, to be enjoyed solely by themselves.

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