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Trash In The Attic

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trash in the attic
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Trash In The Attic - Indoor Events

Trash in the Attic works particularly well as evening entertainment at a conference or charity fundraiser. If you're hunting for interactive evening events, this is a great place to start. Our take on the TV series Cash in the Attic sees teams compete in a bid to be crowned antiques experts. Find out if there's a budding David Dickinson in the room as guests battle it out in a series of auction and quiz-based challenges.

Discover who has a nose for a bargain and can turn trash into cash.

Our in-house antiques experts will oversee evening events and give the night the authentic touch with commentary and tips.

What's Involved?

The evening entertainment begins with a welcome and introduction from our events coordinators and antiques experts. Delegates will be put into teams and the fun begins!

Teams must buy three items from our old curiosity shop without blowing their budget. Some items are bona fide bargains but others are fakes. The truth will be revealed at our Trash in the Attic auction!

To keep guests fully entertained at all times, we've included three interactive quiz rounds:

  • Bargain or Bust
  • Guess the Period
  • Chic or Cheap
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