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Wacky Wheels

Indoor Events
wacky wheels
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Wacky Wheels - Indoor Events

Find out which team can create the most dynamic, fastest vehicles using only the materials provided. Wacky Wheels is a brilliant way to develop team work principles, leadership, creative and collaboration skills. Teams will read through a model build guide and assess which is the best option to create the quickest and most agile vehicle yet. Each team will have to purchase their required materials from our Off Limits Events craft shop utilising an allocated budget.

What's Involved?

Then it's time to get building, you'll certainly have plenty of fun during this event! With only selected materials and limited equipment available teams must work together to ensure their creations are both aesthetically pleasing to the eye as any race car should be, and are more dynamic than their competitors

Teams will then compete in a series of races in an effort to identify the most road-worthy and crafty build. Has your winning model got what it takes?

Enhances communication and collaboration skills

Encourages creative thinking

Highlights the importance of individual team member skills

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