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corporate whisky tasting events
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Whisky Tasting - Indoor Events

Give your guests a crack at the Angel's Share with this fine wee dram of an after-dinner event!

When the plates have been cleared and the speeches made, there's nothing like a drop of finest malt to finish up. Under the expert tutelage of our whisky buffs, your employees or clients will learn how to unlock their "noses" - the secret combination of taste and smell that enables the whisky specialist to identify malts by region, barrel and age.

What's Involved?

Using only the rarest malts, single cask to keep the flavours pure, your whisky tasting session aims to inform, educate, and entertain. Perfect for a themed evening (a Burns night supper, for example) or as the finishing touch to a corporate party. The tasting features fascinating and humorous talks centred on a virtual tour of the palate.

Find out how your senses respond to flavours and smells, identify the strengths and weaknesses of your own nose - and take the blind challenge to test what you've learned!

A selection of spectacular shots are poured for each guest, giving plenty of opportunity to put the theory of nosing into practice. We can add whisky themed quiz rounds between tastings, and guests are encouraged to ask questions afterwards.

Whisky tasting is suitable for whisky fans and first-timers alike. Cheers!

This event is now also run as an amazing Virtual Event, all whisky's will be sent direct to all participants and the event will take place over a virtual platform with full virtual tuition.  All the same fun and tastes to enjoy in your own home with virtual teams, and colleagues! 

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