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Balanced Bites

balanced bites
Christmas Activities

Balanced Bites - Mindfulness

Take the Balanced Bites challenge and make good food that would get the thumbs up from Jamie Oliver. Can you create a nutritious, delicious, two-course meal using only what you can find in your team larder? Time is short and our judges are hungry!

Team Building Benefits:

  • Lateral thinking
  • Resourcefulness
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Building trust

What's Involved?

A professional chef will be on hand to help with tips and techniques. Sharpen your cooking skills and get creative with what you've got. Work as a team, have fun with food, and create culinary magic in our mobile kitchen.

Discover how to make good food and keep a lid on your nerves when the pressures on! You'll need to come up with appealing meal ideas that make the most of your ingredients. Decide who's doing what, and when. Make the most of your individual team talents and take advantage of having an expert chef in the room.

Excellent communication, collaboration, and time management are crucial. You'll need pots of both to cook tasty, healthy food and plate it up on time. Can you stand the heat in the kitchen? Pop a pinny on, roll your sleeves up, and get cooking! We provide the ingredients, ovens and utensils. You bring the team work and talent.

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