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Bollywood Boost

bollywood boost
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Bollywood Boost - Mindfulness

Nothing matches Bollywood and Bhangra dancing for colour, energy, and emotion! You can't help but smile when you're stepping, sliding, jumping and waving. There are no half measures in Indian dancing. Dive in, feel the beat, and learn simple steps and arm movements to build into a routine. Split into teams for the finale - the big Bollywood and Bhangra dance-off! Discover your inner dancer, laugh lots, and learn how to relax and express yourself through music and movement.

Team Building Benefits:

  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Building trust
  • Confidence Booster

What's Involved?

This isn't your average dance class. There's way more to it than just learning steps to a song. Bollywood and Bhangra dancing bring individual creativity and team work together. Individuals learn the movements but the whole team comes together and creates that show stopping Bollywood magic!

Brilliant instructors will have everyone up and moving from the start. They break the whole routine right down into individual steps, add hand movements, and throw in eye and facial expressions for dramatic effect.

Bollywood and Bhangra dancing is a fresh, fun kind of challenge. Which team will nail the dance-off? No two performances are ever the same! You'll have a great time learning the steps to the beat and performing with the dancers and other teams clapping, cheering, and chanting along.

Leave with a big smile on your face and shimmy all the way home, Bollywood-style!

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