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Comedy Class

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Comedy Class - Mindfulness

Laughter and wellbeing go together like Morecambe and Wise, Del Boy and Rodney, and the Two Ronnies! Dive into the world of comedy with this fascinating, fun comedy class that covers everything from improvisation to sketch comedy. It's a real tonic that gets a group exchanging ideas, communicating in different ways, relaxing, and bonding. You won't be asked to do a big solo or risk embarrassment! The environment is fun, safe, and supportive. The activities are team based.

Team Building Benefits:

  • Creative Skills
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Building Trust
  • Boosts Confidence
  • Motivational Fun

What's Involved?

Improvisation is the ultimate 'think on your feet' exercise. It's also a great way to think around a subject and feed off each other's ideas and reactions. Your host will get everyone involved in improv games inspired by the classic comedy TV show Whose Line is it Anyway? Act off your instincts and just go with it! Innovative, fun, and always enlightening, a comedy class will teach you a lot about yourself and the people around you.

If required the class can also be tailored to focus on presenting skills. Public speaking can be pretty daunting for many people. Add a dose of humour to the mix and presenting to a group isn't the big scary prospect it once seemed. Comedy is about connecting with your audience, relaxing, and engaging them. The power of humour can achieve plenty. Today you'll learn how to make 'em laugh.

Each comedy class includes:

  • Physical theatre warm-ups
  • Improv games and challenges
  • Using comedy for presenting and public speaking
  • Clowning
  • Mime
  • Being silly
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