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Health in Mind

health in mind
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Health in Mind - Mindfulness

Mindfulness is about being aware. It's about being in the moment, totally in sync and comfortable with your thoughts and feelings and connected to the world.

If you are aware, you can focus your energies and remain calm in a fast-paced, constantly changing environment. This is a very hands-on session that explores mindfulness through music, movement, listening, talking, meditating, muscle relaxation, and mind-body association.

What's Involved?

Explore mindfulness and how it can help with relaxation, concentration, responding to situations, dealing with problems, and noticing important details. Our brilliant mindfulness practitioner can cover everything from breathing exercises, body scanning and mindful eating to negativity, compassion, and visualisation.

No two people are the same. No two companies are identical. That's why each mindfulness session is bespoke. We will tailor yours to suit your people and what they need to be more mindful. Fascinating. Illuminating. Revealing. Honest. Mindfulness is all those things and more.

Below are just some of the areas and activities we could include in your mindfulness session.

  • Body scanning - becoming aware of bodily aches and pains and discovering how to ease them.
  • Breathing work - use the power of controlled breathing to manage stress and tension.
  • Mind-body association - discovering how thought can impact on wellbeing, how we feel, and how we behave.
  • Accepting compliments - working in groups to learn how to accept rather than automatically reject, the simple gift of a compliment.
  • Self-forgiveness - essential for letting go of the past and truly experiencing the present.
  • Mindful eating - learn principles you can easily adopt at lunchtime to avoid eating and drinking issues.
  • Meditation - relax, focus on your strengths, boost confidence, be optimistic, and have a more positive outlook.
  • Communication with music - use percussion instruments to communicate an emotion with a partner.
  • Aural Enhancement - pair up and listen to your partner as they share their feelings. When they've finished, repeat what they said using your words.

Then it's your turn to share!

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