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The Art of Being Arty

the art of being arty
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The Art of Being Arty - Mindfulness

Ever find yourself stuck for inspiration? What would happen if you were faced with a couple of blank canvases and tubes of paint? Today, you're going to unlock your creative side! Find out how to turn on your right brain and get those creative juices flowing. Learn about brushing and blending colour. Play around and throw some paint down on paper. Discover how meditation can help you experiment, and paint a canvas you'll be proud of.

Team Building Benefits:

  • Lateral thinking
  • Creativity
  • Communication

What's Involved?


Being creative is impossible if you're not feeling it. Even Damien Hirst has off days! Get the whole group open to the idea of being creative with music and physical theatre games. Learn techniques for switching from left-brain logic to right-brain creativity.


Now you've opened the creative floodgates, it's time to learn a few tricks of the trade. There's an art to applying paint to canvas. Discover how to create exciting effects using different brush techniques. Have a go at blending colours and building layers to create movement. You'll get as much paper as you want. Splash paint and go crazy!


Now it's time to get inspired. Move from practice paper to your main canvas. Before you roll up your sleeves and get stuck in, take time out to meditate. It's a great way to keep your mind open during the actual painting process. Relax, experiment, and allow yourself to lose control a little. Let the painting paint itself.

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