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Around The World Its a Knockout

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around the world its a knockout
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Around the World - It's a Knockout - Outdoor Events

We have taken It’s a Knockout around the world. This exciting event has now gone global with top landmarks to take your team around the world for their next team building event.

Event Summary

Creative / Practical

What's Involved?

From Antarctica to the Amazon, to Rome to Egypt, go globe trotting with our fantastic around the world It’s a Knockout. With an inflatable Sphinx to solve Egyptian puzzles, an inflatable amazon rainforest assault course to fight your way through. In South Africa hunt for treasure in an inflatable gold mine, in the UK climb into a giant cab and make your way around inflatable London streets and under the London Bridge, it’s then off to the inflatable colosseum,with the final stop Antarctica to climb the slippery iceberg, catch fish and feed the penguins.   

This around the world event will have every team member feeling like they have enjoyed travelling around the world with work colleagues, building new experiences together that will be taken back into the office and bring great working relationships.   

Let your team feel like they have travelled the world together in this exciting and fun event, bringing everyone together to enjoy this event will build morale and team spirt and give a new shared experience that all team members have enjoyed.    

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