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In a era where team cohesion is paramount, Bee Involved emerges as a unique and eco-conscious team building event that combines creativity, environmental consciousness, and camaraderie. This event offers participants the chance to not only build stronger teamwork but also contribute positively to the environment by crafting insect hotels to be placed around the office or workplace. The concept behind Bee Involved is simple yet impactful: teams are tasked with designing and building insect hotels, which serve as havens for beneficial insects like bees, ladybugs, and butterflies. These miniature sanctuaries beautify the workplace surroundings.

Event Summary

Creative / Practical

What's Involved?

This team building event is not just about constructing physical structures; its about collaboration, innovation, and problem-solving skills. Teams must brainstorm ideas, delegate task, and work together to turn their visions into tangible insect-friendly habitats. This process encourages effective communication, as members must coordinate their efforts and adapt to unforeseen challenges, mirroring real-world workplace scenarios. Bee Involved instils a sense of responsibility for the environment. The team will learn about the importance of pollinators, their roles in sustaining ecosystems, and the potential impact of their actions. This knowledge can translate into greener workplace practices and a more sustainable corporate culture.

When the insect hotels are completed, they serve as a lasting reminder of the teams achievements and commitment to both teamwork and environmental stewardship. Employees feel a sense of pride knowing that their collective efforts have made a positive contribution to their local ecosystem, and they can enjoy the benefits of a more vibrant, welcoming workspace. Bee involved is more than just a team building event; it’s an opportunity to connect, collaborate, and give back to nature while creating lasting memories and strengthening the bonds within the workplace community. This unique experience transcends traditional team building activities, fostering a spirit of cooperation and environmental responsibility that can positively impact both individuals and their organizations.

Guest will have the opportunity to create one of the below, with the materials we provide.

Insect Hotel- A perfect haven for all the creepy crawlies in your garden; bees, insects and worms in a one stop shop our pollinating friends. Each team will make their own hotel and can be used around the office.

Bird Feeder- Make a unique feeder, and enjoy watching a variety of birds come and go.

Bee House- A perfect haven for our pollinating friends

Bat Box- Make sure the nocturnal critters have somewhere safe and warm to sleep

This can be run as an indoor or outdoor event!

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