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charity bike build
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Charity Bike Build - Outdoor Events

Charity bike build it's time to roll up your sleeves and get the wrenches out! You're going to build a fully-working bike to donate to charity. This is more than just team building. It's your chance to put collaborative skills to use for a worthy cause. Up for the challenge?

Building a bike from scratch isn't as easy as it looks! Thankfully, our trusty mechanics are on hand to introduce your team to the six key elements of their machine. But there's a twist: individual team members will be split from the group, and tasked with learning about specific components on their own. With no-one in possession of all the knowledge needed to put the bike together, the team's going to have to combine its expertise to get the job done!

What's Involved?

Can each member effectively communicate what their component is, how it's built, and where it goes on the bike? Will your team have enough money in place to purchase additional items, like tools and extra parts? There are bits missing from each kit, and the only way to get them is by completing a series of mini challenges.

Our friendly crew is on hand to offer advice and encouragement where it's needed. The completed machine will be tested and certified by an engineer, ready to be delivered to the charity of your choice.

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