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Conquest For The Best

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conquest for the best
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Conquest For The Best - Outdoor Events

Find out who has the will and wits to win Conquest for the Best. Experience a fun and competitive team building challenge that sees groups battle to achieve world domination! Delegates will join forces and put their team work skills to the test as they face our military-themed challenge.

Team Building Benefits:

Conquest for the Best can help team members:

  • Develop planning and organisation skills
  • Enhance communication and collaboration skills
  • Improve problem solving abilities
  • Encourage strategic thinking in the workplace
  • Achieve team synergy
  • Illustrate the importance of time management
  • Develop delegation and leadership skills
  • Teach the importance of individual team member roles

What's Involved?

Teams will need to use their strategic skills and make best use of individual talents to attack opposing armies and defend the home front.

Leadership, delegation and forward planning skills will all be developed in a team building activity that combines brains with brawn.

Who will have all bases covered?

Conquest for the Best begins with a welcome and briefing from our events facilitators.

The group will be split into armies and assigned a home country. In order to successfully attack and defend, armies will need to use team work, leadership and delegation skills to outsmart their opponents.

They will need to nominate a General and decide which members will fulfil the roles of cavalry, infantry and artillery forces.

The winning team is the one that can occupy a foreign territory whilst protect its home borders.

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