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diamond heist event
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Diamond Heist - Outdoor Events

Your superiors have identified a van carrying valuable cargo. You have one chance to grab it. Will you execute the mission with precision, or bungle the snatch and end up behind bars?

What's Involved?

Your teams will be briefed on recon, planning and execution by experienced instructors - many of whom have Special Forces backgrounds. Learn to manoeuvre your forces into position, take command of a situation and clear a room of threats, as you operate Airsoft replicas of real tactical weaponry! Using full SWAT assault kit, your crew will deploy machine guns and semi-automatic pistols to stop, control and overpower the occupants of a prison van. Grab the cash, spring the prisoner, and vanish into the night…

A successful raid requires detailed planning, pitch-perfect communication and absolute confidence in all team members. One moment of indecision or one weak link in the chain, and the perfect plan can go south in seconds. Will your team members stick to their roles, or will the stress of the operation get to them?

During the pre-execution phase, your team will learn contact drills, Close Quarter Battle (CQB) skills, and fire-and-cover techniques. Realistic effects including explosions and smoke grenades are deployed throughout the mission to heighten the atmosphere. Swap suits and ties for undercover ops gear and deadly weapons, and find out how well you'd perform in a real-life heist operation!

Key mission factors:

  • 3 training elements, each lasting 50 minutes
  • A selection of realistic props
  • Airsoft machine guns

Diamond Heist / Hostage Rescue usually takes place outdoors, though the right indoor environment would make it possible to do this inside.

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