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corporate dragon boat racing events
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Dragon Boat Racing - Outdoor Events

The Dragon Boat Race is an exclusive event that's a little different from the usual team building activities. Your group will enjoy a day on the water as they go head-to-head in water-based challenges using our human-powered dragon boats.

The ancient Chinese tradition of dragon boat racing is over 2,000 years old and celebrates communities and the spirit of competition. What better way to build team spirit?

If you're in search of a team building event participants are unlikely to have tried, the Dragon Boat Race will fit the bill. How often do you get the opportunity to try something so unusual and exhilarating?

Paddles up!

Team Building Benefits:

  • Take participants out of their comfort zones
  • Manage resistance to change
  • Boost team motivation and retention levels
  • Illustrate the importance of individual team member roles
  • Improve communication and collaboration skills

What's Involved?

The Dragon Boat Race starts on dry land with a welcome and briefing conducted by our events facilitators. The entire session lasts for a half day and consists of a safety briefing, practice sessions and nail-biting races.

Choose between 30 and 40-foot dragon boats which hold 10 and 16 paddlers respectively. Each boat has space for 1 drummer. The drummer's job is to keep the troops motivated all the way to the finish line and intimidate opponents with mighty beats!

These boats are powered by team work and elbow grease. All team members must paddle together in harmony to propel their craft in the right direction and win the race.

There's a bottle of champagne waiting for the winning team.

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