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Eco-Shelter Building

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eco-shelter building
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Eco-Shelter Building - Outdoor Events

Reckon you could give Bear Grylls a run for his money? Now's the time to find out! A hands-on green team building activity, Eco Shelter Building teaches the traditional countryside craft of woodworking. It's great for raising awareness of sustainability, developing team work principles and illustrating the value of resourcefulness.

Team Building Benefits:

  • Raise awareness of environmental issues
  • Encourage resourcefulness in the workplace
  • Improve communication and collaboration skills
  • Teach the value of individual team member roles
  • Develop problem solving skills

What's Involved?

Teams will join forces to construct their own eco shelter using traditional tools and techniques.

Eco Shelter Building is one of our most challenging and rewarding green team building activities. Find out who has the problem solving skills and perseverance needed to construct an eco shelter that will hold its own in the great outdoors!

Eco Shelter Building begins with a welcome and briefing from our events coordinators. The whole group will learn a range of traditional practical skills needed to construct a sturdy shelter. Team work and communication are essential. Everyone has a job to do and a role to play. If one element is missing or not up to the required standard, the shelter will be weak.

This green team building activity is a fun and engaging way to give a team an insight into our natural environment.

We can create bespoke activities based on this event or check out our Bushcraft Event.

This event is no longer available!

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