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Final Countdown - Outdoor Events

To infinity and beyond! Countdown to liftoff as your guests frantically try to assemble a real, working rocket. Perfect for sending energy levels into orbit, this space-age challenge will have conference attendees fist-bumping and yelling like a real control room as their high-powered aircraft blast up to 100 feet in the air.

What's Involved?

Each team is given a Top Secret flight case containing all the elements they need to design, construct, and launch their rocket. They'll have to put together a two-stage engine, just like the ones that power real space vehicles. The first stage gets the rocket off the ground, and the second stage releases a parachute, which allows your spacecraft to effect a successful landing.

During the design and construction phases, you'll need to make key decisions about the materials you use. The object of the mission is to get your rocket to fly as high, as long and as far as possible! Score points for every foot travelled, and every second in motion. You'll also get extra credit if your rocket looks the business. Will your team create a craft worthy of the Apollo missions, or will you fail to launch?

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