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High Ropes Course For Team Building

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high ropes course for team building
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High Ropes Course - Outdoor Events

Our high ropes course creates strong bonds and conquers fears! If you're searching forteam building activities that arechallenging, rewarding and memorable, look no further.

Teams work together and give each other the confidence to face challenges including balance beams, cable crossings and complex climbing structures.

Team Building Benefits:

  • Take participants out of their comfort zones
  • Develop time management skills
  • Improve delegation skills
  • Build trust in the workplace
  • Improve communication and collaboration in the workplace
  • Illustrate the importance of the role of the individual in an organisation

What's Involved?

By the end of the event, they face challenges they previously would have regarded with reluctance. The high ropes course is an energetic 'let's go for it!' event that shows participants what they can achieve when they step out of their comfort zones.

The team building fun begins with a welcome from our events facilitators and a safety briefing. All equipment is provided. Everyone is issued with safety harnesses and helmets followed by a tour of the challenges.

First, they will face the low ropes course.

As confidence increases, teams progress until they are ready to tackle the higher zones.

If at any time a climber wants to come down to terra firma, a belayer will escort them safely to ground level. Team members will be taught how to operate the belaying equipment and can take turns to acts as belayers, which is a great way to build trust.

The onus is on using individual team member strengths to achieve goals.

This event is venue specific. 

This event is venue dependant and is based at venues around the UK.

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