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Human Logo is a fun and ingenious way to boost morale, encourage team spirit and teach the importance of the individual in the bigger picture. This team building activity is ideal for large groups and works particularly well as part of a corporate event or conference.

Delegates are challenged with the task of creating a giant version of your company logo from memory using only the instructions and props provided by us.

We've added a couple of rules and conditions to make this task more demanding!

They'll be racing against the clock so good team work, communication and time management skills are essential.

Team Building Benefits:

  • Develop time management skills
  • Improve delegation and leadership skills
  • Improve communication and collaboration in the workplace
  • Illustrate the importance of the role of the individual in an organisation

What's Involved?

The Human Logo team building challenge begins with a welcome and briefing from our events coordinators.

The group will be put into teams and supplied with a series of instructions and coloured props to create their section of the logo.

Delegation, leadership and communication skills are vital.

Each team must decide which member is best suited to the role of leader and which members have the communication skills needed to direct the team successfully.

There are rules to follow!

Teams are only allowed to view the original image at their allotted times.

One person is responsible for guiding their team to the correct location and liaising with all the team communicators.

Teams must work to a strict deadline.

The ultimate goal is to recreate a recognisable version of your company logo. At the end of the event, a member of our team will photograph or record the group's efforts from above. Everyone is gathered together for the grand unveiling and you will receive a still image or recording for posterity.

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