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It's a Knockout Team Building Event

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it's a knockout team building event
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It's a Knockout - Outdoor Events


Team building event It's a Knockout is unique, unforgettable and a total scream! It's a Knockout is corporate events at their biggest and bounciest. Teams battle it out in slapstick style to win school sports day knockout challenges with a twist.We're talking giant penguin costumes, huge inflatables, soaking sponges, wacky relay races and enough foam to fill a bubble factory. We own the original inflatables, costumes and games from the beloved BBC series, which ruled teatime telly during the 1970s and 1980s. This is the authentic It's a Knockout experience.

Accept no substitute!

You could be scrambling up a slippery summit one minute and wobbling across a magic carpet the next. It's not every day you get the chance to see the big cheese covered head to foot in foam. Round up the troops, pick a pun-tastic team name and get stuck in with our knockout event.

Team Building Benefits:

  • Communication Skills,
  • Interaction & Collaboration Skills
  • Leadership & Delegation Skills
  • Boosts Morale & Confidence
  • Friendly competition
  • Builds trust

Event Summary

Creative / Practical

What's Involved?

The aim is simple: score as many points as possible in each game. However, that's easier said than done when you're roaring with laughter and wearing a pair of giant shoes.


Team members clamber into 10ft giant costumes and run across our magic moving carpets.


Charge towards our inflatable mountain, gathering enough momentum to take you straight to the top


Form a human chain and throw wet sponges to the end of the line over the castle to win.


This game consists of a giant inflatable hurdle course. The whole team compete across the course wearing a hat containing a cup full of water.


Don flappy-footed penguin suits and race for your life. Penguins who get caught by their opponents will have to sit and watch while the remaining combatants go toe-to-toe in Penguin Sumo.


Teams must mount the giant inflatable sausage links, make their way through the slalom and be the first to make it out of the frying pan!

We can also run this as a dry event but games will vary.  

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