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Land Raft

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Land Raft - Outdoor Events

The ancient Egyptians knew a thing or two about team building! Take a leaf out of their book with our land raft challenge. Teams must build a land raft and use it to get from A to B using only ancient Egyptian methods.

Team Building Benefits:

  • Enhance communication and collaboration skills
  • Build trust in the workplace
  • Illustrate the value of individual member roles
  • Demonstrate the importance of time management and deadlines
  • Improve problem solving skills

What's Involved?

Land Raft is a simple but effective team building exercise that works well as part of an away day or conference.

Problem solving skills will be tested to the max! Team work is absolutely essential. No man can operate a land raft alone.

We supply the equipment. It's up to teams to use their ingenuity and individual member talents to create a raft that will make the journey.

Land Raft is a great way to illustrate what can be achieved using limited resources within a set time limit.

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