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Medieval Mayhem

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medieval mayhem
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Medieval Mayhem - Outdoor Events

Here ye! An event fit for peasants and royalty alike.

Go back in time to the era of ladies in waiting and Knights of the Round Table as your guests compete in a series of historical themed challenges and sports.

Teams go head to head in rounds designed to test their determination to win points in the competition.

What's Involved?

In a visually impressive finale the chance for bonus points is upon the contestants. Who will shoot for the stars and bring victory to their kingdom?

Jousting Jaunt

Select your rider wisely for the jolliest of jousts. A team member will mount a trusty steed controlled by their team mates. Can they spear the hoops and hit the quintain in a courageous team effort before the opposition beats them to the finish?


The bow and arrow is a skilled medieval weapon that can hit an unsuspecting target from a distance with correct precision and flair. Guests are taught the art of longbow archery and can practice their technique ready to face any battle which may arise.

Tug of Boar

Teams go head to head in a test of strength and technique. Team members must take it in turns to pull along a tethered boar. The team with the furthest distance once all individual pulls are collated wins points.

Trebuchet Build

Teams will build their own working trebuchet using the materials and tools provided. Then fire “rocks” towards our inflatable castle to invade. The team with the most hits will prove battle champions as they fire their opponents out of the water.

Agincourt Archery

All teams will take part in a series of re-enactments in the grand finale -the battle of Agincourt where the French and the English go head to head.

Archers are ready with rubber tipped arrows to ensure the participants safety. It's a spectacular sight for a spectacular conclusion.


A bottle of champagne will be awarded to the winning team. Alternative prizes can be arranged upon request.


The event duration would be approximately 2.5 - 3 hours.

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