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Olympic Challenges - Outdoor Events

Motivate the troops with a team building event that brings out the Olympian in everyone! Our Olympic Challenge is a medley of games inspired by the world's biggest sporting event. Join forces with your fellow team mates and use your communication, problem solving and creativity to smash the challenges and take home gold!

What's Involved?

There are four Olympic challenges to conquer.

Flag making tests creativity, resourcefulness and excellent time management. Can you design and make a new flag that illustrates your country's national identity? Time is short and materials scarce. Are you good at working with what you've got?

You can't have an Olympic team building challenge without the iconic Olympic rings! Your mission is to get the rings from A to B without letting them touch the ground. Form a human chain and flex those problem solving skills.

Could you choreograph and perform an opening ceremony to match Danny Boyle's spectacle for the London 2012 Games? Find out by illustrating some of the most famous Olympic events in movement and dance.

We've saved the best for last. It's the blindfold Olympics! Jump the inflatable hurdles, try your hand at archery and represent your country on inflatable obstacle course.

We love the Olympic Challenge as it combines fun and creativity with a whole host of team building benefits. Delegates will walk away feeling like winners!

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