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Operation Countdown

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operation countdown
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Operation Countdown - Outdoor Events

Operation Countdown is an intense, nail-biting challenge that requires top notch team work. Can your team work together quickly and effectively under challenging circumstances to pinpoint the location of a bomb?

Team Building Benefits:

  • Demonstrate the importance of time management and meeting deadlines
  • Encourage lateral thinking
  • Enhance problem solving skills
  • Build trust in the workplace
  • Develop communication and collaboration skills
  • Improve delegation and leadership abilities

What's Involved?

On arrival, the whole group is briefed on the task ahead. Their mission is to successfully deactivate the bomb by solving a range of clues. Using radio controllers, communication is of the essence as the team work together to solve the clues and build a bomb shelter - just in case!

The deadline is tight so time is of the essence.

This could be their toughest mission yet...

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