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Rocket Icebreaker

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rocket icebreaker
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Rocket Icebreaker - Outdoor Events

Construction-based team building tasks are brilliant when it comes to breaking down barriers and banishing preconceived ideas. Rocket icebreaker gets everyone communicating, thinking and participating instantly. Teams must join forces and use their individual member talents to build and launch their own rockets.

We find Rocket Icebreaker works really well as a conference starter. Delegates will be in the team work zone from the word go!

Team Building Benefits:

  • Bond a team quickly
  • Develop delegation and leadership skills
  • Enhance communication and collaboration skills
  • Highlight the importance of individual team member talents
  • Improve problem solving skills

What's Involved?

Following a welcome and brief from our events coordinators, the group is put into teams. Each team is provided with a top secret flight case that contains all the parts, tools and instructions needed to construct their rocket. The rest is up to them!

When all rockets have been assembled, it's time for the big blast off.

Rockets tend to whiz off in all sorts of weird and wonderful directions! The ones that fly the farthest are those that have been constructed carefully. To ensure best results, teams must calculate how to ensure the longest flight before they start building.

Which team will cover all bases and claim victory?

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