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SAS School - Outdoor Events

Think you could have made it in the SAS? Now is your chance to find out as you are put through your paces in a team building session filled with trials to push to you to max and tasks that reflect real-life SAS training.

There are no winners in this event as the main aim is for all team players is just to survive!

Guests will be taught and demonstrated a range of military skills that only the toughest can master so this event offers exercises set to challenge the participants both physically and mentally.

What's Involved?

Sniper School

Learn all the skills you need to become an elite sniper. Our expert, ex-military instructors will provide full tuition to assist you in crafting your marksmanship of long range shooting. Using a powered air rifle complete with a fitted telescope you will be put through your paces across a series of targeted challenges.

Small Arms Live Firing

Get to grips with a 9mm semi-automatic blank firing pistol before taking on magazine changes and stoppage drill assignments. For further shooting fun, you'll move to our urban range where you'll take point and fire at given targets.

Close Quarter Battle Drills

Our experienced professionals will teach you how to conduct a successful close contact drill, including how to handle a weapon and manoeuvers that will help you fire on target in style. Whilst you patrol in open range you'll feel the power of our air soft machine guns and their small 6mm BB pellets.

Interrogation Phase

You have seen it in the movies, and now it's your turn to experience a real life interrogation experience. Our ex-soldiers will provide demonstrations and teach you the techniques. Do you think that you have what it takes to keep your cool and stay alive when captured and taken behind enemy lines?

Physical Training

Our qualified instructors will teach you an array of attack and defense skills which will enable you to get fit and fight your way through this high intensity challenge. Your instructor will provide the tools and techniques for you to learn and hold your own when it comes to hand on hand fighting, using knives, locks and defensive blocks.

We can create bespoke activities based on this event or check out our Mission X Event.

This event is no longer available!

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