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Smart Phone Treasure Hunt

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smart phone treasure hunt
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Smart Phone Treasure Hunt - Outdoor Events

The Treasure Hunt has evolved!

Take team building to a whole new level with our bespoke Smart Phone Treasure Hunt. Pesky pens and paper have been replaced with the coolest smart phone tools in a high-tech team building challenge guaranteed to get the competitive spirit pumping. It's the hottest app to hit the smart phone in years!

We're talking personalised features, limitless locations, real time tracking and an endless array of questions, clues and challenges - all tailored to suit your personal preferences.

The Smart Phone Treasure Hunt is designed especially for you, by our team of smart phone fanatics.

Are you ready for the ultimate team building challenge?

There's only one way to find out!

What's Involved?

Our events coordinators will be on hand to brief teams, run the entire event, take care of team scoring, announce results and hand out prizes.

We supply the challenges, clues and scoring system.

All you need is one smart phone per team and a sense of adventure!

Here's how it works:

The Smart Phone Treasure Hunt takes the traditional format and gives it a technologically savvy, real-time twist. It's a nail-biting, competitive challenge that uses a live scoreboard so that teams can see how their opponents are faring.

The group will be split into teams and each will be provided with a log-in and password.

Using smart phones, each team must find their way round the Treasure Hunt location, crack clues based on local landmarks, collect items from a shopping list and complete photo challenges to earn as many points as possible.

There are timed team challenges to complete along the way and penalty points for incorrect answers. Points are recorded instantly using our sophisticated online system.

The Smart Phone Treasure Hunt can be easily adapted using a number of different systems. We can spice up the event by adding smart little twists, such as blocking clues until teams reach specific locations or answer questions correctly. We can include personally designed trophies to collect and incorporate a specific theme. The possibilities are endless!

Teams will encounter the following questions and challenges:

  • Event duration: this is a flexible, 1.5hr-3.5-hour event that can be enjoyed in the morning, afternoon or evening
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