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Sorcerers Apprenticeship

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sorcerers apprenticeship
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Sorcerers Apprenticeship - Outdoor Events

Welcome to the world of wizards!

You've received your letter, boarded the train, and arrived at Pigwarts for your first year as a Sorcerer along with your classmates. Students will be sorted into houses by the infamous sorting hat, and will then go head to head in a series of 7 magical challenges. You will need to complete the tasks to earn points for your house and pick up jigsaws pieces.

The team with the most points at the end of the day will get a valuable head start in time to complete the jigsaw finale at the end! Points will be awarded for extra inputs and deducted from your house for mistakes and bad behaviour on each task.

Team Building Benefits:

  • Illustrate the importance of team communication
  • Develop problem solving skills
  • Teach collaboration and delegation techniques
  • Illustrate the value of team work in organisations
  • Encourage competition in a fun environment

What's Involved?


Using sorting hats and the magic within, teams need to collect a series of wizarding items before they can attend their first year at the School of Magic. Packing their trunk may seem straight forward but gathering their enchanted shopping list items is not an easy task as the sorting hat will only deliver what it wishes.


Its time to get competitive in a short game of fast Quidditch with a twist….a human snitch. Take on the role of beaters and seekers in a fast frenzy of magical sporting fun that's fit for muggle participation


Teams need to decipher what

ingredients are needed to create a new potion. Once their shopping list is intact they need to pass the ingredients along a chain using the tools provided, once the bottles are recovered from the grips of devils snare. This is a lesson of speed and accuracy to get the right results and earn house points.


Your guests are challenged with moving the vault cogs in record time to release a number of magical keys. Each key will unlock a door to a further vault, which is home to a mystical stone. Can they break the bank in the time available?


Teams will watch a series of clips from the planets favourite wizardry films and then questioned on what they have just seen. Can they remember all the ingredients to these colourful motion potions?


Teams take each other on in a giant game of moving snakes and staircases. The aim of the game is to get your entire team across the board. Teams have the opportunity to hamper the opposing team with strategically placing snakes, this is a classic board game transformed into magical madness.


Teams will be split into 3 sub-groups.

The first group will pull parsletounge clues from the headmasters pensive and communicate them across to the second group without speaking. Without being able to hear the clues group 2 then need to pass the clues onto group 3 who cannot see and are waiting patiently in the maze of doom. This challenge is a race of speed and riddle solving.


Teams need to assemble the jigsaw pieces that they have collected along the way to this final challenge. House points earned equate to a head start as the teams are timed to complete the magical puzzle. Have they conjured up all the pieces on route? Can the apparate the final image out of nowhere?

This event is no longer available!

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