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Spy Hunt - Outdoor Events

Experience the thrill of real-life spy games, as you travel around the city fulfilling clandestine missions! Your teams will have to move fast, be organised, and act fearlessly as they uncover a chain of evidence in actual urban locations.

Break into a briefcase, steal the secret plans and rendezvous with agents to gain vital pieces of information. How you use the intelligence is up to you, but you'll need to stay on your toes as you follow the clues! There are enemy agents everywhere. If you make an error in timing a rendezvous or dead drop, you could be putting key intel in the hands of the bad guys.

What's Involved?

As you follow leads and piece together what you know, you'll need to arrange new meetings with undercover agents, and complete on-the-spot missions to prove your good faith. For every challenge you successfully overcome, your team will be rewarded with Spy Dollars or extra information. But beware the double agents, who are looking to feed you with false info!

Organisation is key to successful spying. Can you master the terrain, manage your forces efficiently, and separate good information from bad? The fate of your country depends on you!

Take to the streets with our top-secret Spy Pack, which includes:

  • A digital camera
  • Spy Dollars
  • Your unique password
  • Mission-critical documents

Spy Hunt takes place outdoors.

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