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Storm The Castle Games

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storm the castle games
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Storm the Castle - Outdoor Events

Storm the castle is a fast and fun team building challenge that works well as part of an away day or conference. Travel back to days of old when knights were bold! Join forces with your colleagues to create your own version of a trebuchet and protect your land from enemy attack.

Team Building Benefits:

  • Break down barriers and bond a group quickly
  • Encourage competition in a fun environment
  • Enhance communication and collaboration skills

What's Involved?

We supply all the props; all you have to do is turn up and get stuck into this team work challenge. Following a welcome and brief from our events coordinators, the group will be put into teams.

Problem solving, communication and collaboration skills will all be put to the test during the trebuchet building exercise. It's a vital tool for protecting the castle wall but will teams work together to ensure it's constructed correctly?

Using the trebuchet, teams go head-to-head to launch boulders over the battlements and take down as many knights as possible.

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