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Tablet Treasure Hunt

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tablet treasure hunt
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Tablet Treasure Hunt - Outdoor Events

We've reloaded the treasure hunt with tablets, an ingenious app, team selfies, video challenges and real time features! Answer questions and unlock challenges to earn points. Keep an eye on the opposition using the live leaderboard. There's no official route, so put your heads together and plan one that'll get you from A to B in double quick time. Rack up the most points and race to the finish line before the sands of time run out.

What's Involved?

On arrival at the prearranged venue, teams will be supplied with treasure hunt packs. Each one contains a tablet with the app downloaded and ready to go. Enter the game with a team selfie and start solving those clues. Once in the game you will be able to see a map highlighting the challenges ahead. Using GPS recognition we'll unlock your next challenge when you hit the right spot. Record your video, answer the question or use our picture recognition system to complete the challenge and collect precious points.

Receive instant feedback about your answers, live messages from your Event Manager, updates from other teams and bonus challenges when you hit certain thresholds.

Fast paced, good fun and a real test of team work!


We would recommend an approximate running time of 2 - 2.5 hrs


Winning team will receive a bottle of champagne, supplied by us.

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