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Tall Ship Team Building

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tall ship team building
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Tall Ship Team Building - Outdoor Events

It's all hands on deck for Tall Ship Team Building. Sailing a stunning tall ship is an unforgettable experience that's physically and mentally challenging. Teams will learn a huge range of new skills in a fresh, demanding environment. Fun, inspiring and illuminating, Tall Ship Team Building works well as part of a training day or as corporate entertainment for up to 44 people.

Prepare to be amazed by what you can achieve with a little communication, collaboration and confidence. All delegates will gain an invaluable insight into the way they interact with others in different situations.

How often do you get the opportunity to take the helm of an old school ship?

Team Building Benefits:

  • Break down barriers and banish preconceived ideas
  • Manage resistance to change
  • Enhance communication and collaboration skills
  • Develop delegation and leadership abilities
  • Improve problem solving skills
  • Demonstrate the importance of good time management
  • Build trust in the workplace
  • Achieve high team performance
  • Illustrate the importance of individual member roles in a team environment
  • Boost confidence

What's Involved?

Tall Ship Team Building is a full day out that includes boat hire, skipper, crew training, event management and catering.

The day starts around 8AM with a welcome and introduction from the captain. During the course of the day, team(s) will be taught the practical skills needed to sail the ship. All the basics are covered, from navigation and steering to climbing the rigging, setting the sails, preparing meals and taking full control of the ship.

Team work is essential! It's impossible for one person to sail a tall ship alone. All crew members have a role to play and each job is vital.

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