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the hunt
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The Hunt - Outdoor Events

Do you fancy your chances as an undercover cop meets MI5 spy? If so, this team building event will spark your delegates attention as they immerse themselves into the elusive undercover world.

With ex-military and elite professionals will be on board to deliver this corporate event to your delegates this is nothing short of interesting and exhilarating as participants take part in learning theories about criminal surveillance. Delegates will put their new-found skills and knowledge to the test in a covert mission and practical assessment.

Team Building Benefits:

  • 90 minute briefing session
  • Learn real-life techniques, learn how to read maps, take a crash course in radio communication and be given an overview of your targets
  • Each team will be assigned a leader and a target (leader from an experienced background)
  • Headsets and subtle radios given to tail the target
  • Debrief at the end of the mission
  • What's Involved?

    The mission, should you choose to accept is to hunt down and pursue a criminal target using the techniques demonstrated in the briefing. You'll need to collate as much intelligence on the individual to warrant a possible arrest. Once enough intel is gathered from the undercover investigation will the operating leader permit the confrontation and let you apprehend the villain? The event is delivered throughout cities and towns as delegates mingle with the general-public and half of the task is to ensure you keep yourselves under wraps and avoid making yourself known to the target.

    It's a challenge of quick thinking, resourcefulness and most importantly teamwork. Everyone will pitch into the session and be awarded points for overall team performances.

    We can create bespoke activities based on this event or check out our Spy Hunt Event. 

    This event is no longer available!

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