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totally wiped out course uk
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Totally Wiped Out - Outdoor Event

Totally Wiped Out outdoor event redesigns the hit games from TV classic Total Wipeout, with our own original twist. Totally Wiped Out combines hilarity and team challenges for a colourful outdoor team building event in the great outdoors. Think inflatable games, obstacle courses, bouncy challenges and sweeper arms, including the Big Red Balls alley and the challenging inflatable Tricky Trunks! With these team building games all team members will have an outstanding corporate event and really be put to the test.

Team Building Benefits:

  • Competition
  • Communication
  • Time management
  • Bonds team members
  • Boost confidence and motivation levels

Event Summary

Creative / Practical

What's Involved?

Games are either conducted as constant team relays, which get everyone involved in a fun competitive environment; or as individual challenges - perfect for learning more about management, communication and delegation.


Climb the pedestal, don't fall off. Simple. Oh, did we mention the giant rotating arms, trying to sweep you off your feet?


Jump on the giant inflatable hopper with 3 to 6 members of your team, now for the hard part working together to win the race. Communication and coordination will be needed to get this giant inflatable hopper and your team over the finish line together. 1,2,3 Bounce!     


More than just your classic obstacle course... You'll be going head to head against the opposing team in a continuous relay, negotiating the inflatable and ground-based obstacles we've put in your path. Only there's a surprise in store that just might slow you down...


Because there 'ain't no mountain high enough ‘we have an inflatable substitute!

Can all your team make it over the foamy slippery summit to success?


Make like a monkey and shimmy along the Tricky Trunks - two huge slippery inflatable tubes! If you can cling on despite the foam, you'll still have the hanging obstacles to deal with.


Everybody's favourite! Leap like Indiana Jones from ball to ball to qualify for a victory slide at the end. If you don't make it, you'll have to scramble back up and try again.

We can also run this as a dry event but games will vary.

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