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treasure hunt team building activities
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Treasure Hunt - Outdoor Events

Treasure Hunt Team Building is one of our best-loved activities, the Treasure Hunt never fails to bond a group and get the competitive spirit pumping! It strikes the right balance between fun and challenging and teaches teams alot about communication and time management.

Teams will need to think creatively, flex their problem solving muscles and work together to crack the clues.

Who will complete the challenges in the fastest time? There's a bottle of champagne up for grabs, which always raises the motivation levels!

Team Building Benefits:

  • Instil the importance of effective time management
  • Enhance communication and collaboration skills
  • Build trust in the workplace
  • Illustrate the value of individual member roles within a team environment
  • Improve problem solving skills
  • Teach delegation and leadership skills
  • Achieve team cohesion

What's Involved?

Following a welcome and briefing session from our events coordinators, the group will be put into teams.

We supply all equipment needed to complete the Treasure Hunt, including:

  • Local Ordnance Survey maps
  • Digital cameras
  • Clues!

Using these tools they will face a series of challenges. They will be asked to:

  • Solve a series of cryptic and logic clues that lead to specific locations
  • Answer additional questions at each location
  • Complete a photo assignment
  • Obtain items from our shopping list

Smart use of individual member talents and good old-fashioned team work is the key to success! A Treasure Hunt is a great way to teach skills and tackle issues that often arise in the workplace. Delegates will learn alot about the way they interact with others and how they react when faced with an unusual challenge in a fresh environment.

Looking for a Treasure Hunt with a twist? Try ourItalian Job Treasure Hunt and make your way round London in a fleet of Minis!

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