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Tricky Triangles

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tricky triangles
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Tricky Triangles - Outdoor Events

“Be as smart as you can, but remember that it is always better to be wise than to be smart” Alan Alda

Test your hippocampus and dive into a world of memory and trickery with this fantastic team building event. Become true master minds with your team as you compete against the clock to reveal all 31 pieces of the puzzle in numerical order. Contend against other teams to see who can complete the task first, or just have teams compete to get the quickest time.

Prepare your team at the start line with tactics and your game plan. Who will be in charge of remembering certain numbers, who is the voice of the team and finally who has the motivational courage to get you through to the end in the quickest time possible.

Team Building Benefits:

Team Building benefits:

  • Communication, collaboration and interaction
  • Time management
  • Leadership and delegation
  • Encourages competition
  • Problem solving
  • Event Summary

    Creative / Practical

    What's Involved?

    The objective of this activity is to reveal all 31 triangles in numerical order within a specific time limit set by us. One team member at a time sets off towards the board turning a triangle around. If this triangle was to read 1 they leave it facing that way for the next person to then find 2. If it’s the incorrect number teams must put the triangle back face down so the number is not showing. Team collaboration and communication play a huge role as you need to work together to find all 31 pieces in order.

    All other participants must wait behind the designated start line until the player in turn is back.

    Be prepared to shout, scream and do your best to be patient. If you know where the next number is but your team mate turns over a different one, can you keep your calm?

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